About Me

Nathan Strager has been in real estate in one form or another for over ten years, and has been a real estate agent in Las Vegas for over seven years now. Nathan Strager works in many different fields of real estate and is not just limited to representing buyers and sellers of residential properties. Nathan Strager had started out in residential real estate, but in only his second year in the business brokered an eleven million dollar apartment complex. Since this time he has expanded his knowledge to commercial properties, land investments, performing notes, sub-performing notes, non-performing notes, bulk transaction deals, and investment properties.

In today’s ever changing real estate market Nathan Strager has diversified his skill set to be able to represent banks, asset companies, and commercial and residential clients with the knowledge that he has been accumulating over the past ten years. Nathan Strager is not only limited to the Las Vegas market, but can help you find the property or investment product you are looking for throughout nation. The Nathan Strager Professional Corporation is a well-oiled machine that runs seven days a week. While other agent’s/representatives go home at five o clock and take weekends off Nathan Strager and his team are securing your bank owned property, helping buyers find their dream home, or working a collateral package and running a CAP rate on your bulk Note package that you are purchasing.

In closing you will never speak to an assistant or receptionist as you can always contact Nathan Strager directly day or night. You will never have to worry about Nathan Strager saying to you “I don’t do that but let me refer you to someone who does” as he does it all. Contact him today to discuss your real estate market needs as Nathan Strager is ready to go to work for you today.

Phone: (702) 301-1091

Email: strager_n@cox.net